It was great to see so many membership renewals and lots of new faces at the January meeting. Thank you all for pre-filling in your forms and cheques, this made a big difference to the queue, and the new method of sign-up seemed to run smoothly!

We had lots of things to catch up on at this meeting including hearing all about some of the new (and resurrected) clubs. We had an amazing number of you signing-up, which is brilliant that you all want to get involved in things outside of the monthly meeting.

Once WI business was over we heard from the energetic and enthusiastic Vicki Hill, a local personal trainer, who specialises in women’s fitness and nutrition. Find her talk notes below, including that all important quick circuit you can do at home. For further information about Vicki and her classes visit or check out her Facebook group, her new YouTube channel where you can see her demonstrating all the exercises in her quick routine or sign-up for her newsletter.

Vicki Hill

9 yrs, ante & post natal – specialising in Diastasis Recti. Leading on to Peri & Menopause which I will train more in this year. Please ask questions / interactive – here to try and offer support/advice.

If you come away with only one thing tonight:

  • Stop focusing on calories; and
  • let go of the stress and anxiety around losing weight, and focus instead on enjoying exercise for how it makes you feel.

The solution is to find a program that empowers you to make exercise rewarding and feel good. Exercise is essential, but it’s just one part of a healthy routine.

If push it all out to exhaustion your body goes into stress mode, releasing the hormone cortisol.

Exercise becomes stressful and a chore when we view it as the answer to getting results.

Healthy living is about nourishing your body in different ways.

That includes exercise, but it also includes enjoying whole foods and cultivating strong relationships. It’s about practicing balance, not perfection, and about nurturing yourself as fully as you nurture others.

New Year’s resolutions – new exercise regimes

Great if you have taken something up, want to try something new or just get out and exercise again – if you’re an outdoor person then exercise outdoors, gym bunnies go to the gym – but everything in MODERATION. New Yr resolutions don’t work and then you feel you’ve failed!! Set weekly/monthly small goals to try and achieve.

I see time & time again – new regimes – exercise 3 – 5 x a week, having done nothing/very little & Wham Bam – ill in a few weeks’ time and out of the routine and don’t carry on – fits & starts.

PLAN IT – make your exercise a date – put it in the diary – think about your week ahead, when can you fit it in?

Exercise Partner – If you need motivation find a friend who may be interested to start the same sort of thing you do – not who will say ‘it’s raining lets go for a coffee instead!!!

Join a club.

Know what makes you tick or puts you off exercising – acknowledge it and see how you can make a difference.

Ok – Pregnancy exercise – myths can’t exercise!!

12 week rule

2nd & 3rd tri’s

Relaxin highest at 14 weeks preg

Aware of Pelvic Girdle pain / SI – see a Womens health physio / Chiropractor

– get SI released. Most think it has gone away post natally but still prone to it.

Running & pregnancy

Post natal – PELVIC FLOOR!

Peri Menopausal / Menopausal – weight gain – ‘still doing the same as usual but getting a tummy’ – CHANGE is needed – short & sharp, weights.


Weights – will NOT make you chunky – great for bone density.

WALKING – everyday, hills, fast & slow intervals. Join Nordic walking.

Importance of CORE – deep abs & gluts & stabilisers – show some glute work with band.

Park Run – whole family. Little Stoke or Ashton court.

EXERCISES TO DO AT HOME – 5 MINUTES. Get kids involved too!

1. Squats – all types

2. Up & down the stairs / sprint on spot

3. press ups on knees / vs wall

4. Side lunges / lunges – all types

5. Up & down the stairs

6. Tricep dips on chair /with a band/ weights bridge scull crushers

7. Abs – NO crunches. ½ plank / prone lie / Elbow to knee / SL heel taps /

Down Dogs / on hands front to side holds

Do 2 – 3 sets (start with 2 then build up to 3 – 5 sets) Vary it every few weeks.