Some of our most frequently asked questions, if you still need more information then please get in touch.

How can I become a member? Is your membership full?

Please see our  how to become a member page  

Can I just come along as a visitor?

Please let us know in advance via email if you’d like to come along as a visitor, most of the time we accept visitors but for popular meetings we do have a maximum capacity and so would not like to turn you away. We ask for a £6.50 cash donation per meeting.

Can I bring a friend?

Women are welcome to try out our WI attending up to 3 times a year before they are required to join. £6.50 cash donation per meeting. Please let us know in advance via email if you’d like to bring a friend as a visitor. 

I’d like to come along to talk to your members about my local project?

Of course, please just get in touch and we will aim to mention it to our members or you may be able to come along and talk to us during out WI business part of the monthly meeting.

I’m not receiving the monthly update email, even though I’ve signed-up?

Sometimes email programs such as gmail, and Yahoo, think that our email is spam. Please check your spam box, and make sure you assign us as one of your contacts.

I can’t find your Facebook page?

We have a Facebook page open to the public that anyone can like!

We also have closed Facebook group, which is only open to members. If you have recently become a member you will receive a notification to join. You can keep in touch with us by signing up to our monthly email or by following us on twitter.

I can no longer access your Facebook group?

The Facebook group is only available to members, during April of each year we update the group and remove anyone who hasn’t renewed their membership.

How can I join the Committee?

At the beginning of each WI year (at our AGM in October) we will let you know of any vacancies on the committee. We are a friendly bunch who only meet for one extra meeting a month (sometimes in the pub!). Anyone who’s a member can apply. But even if you are not on the committee there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with helping out, maybe you have an idea for a group or can help out at meetings. Just grab one of the committee members or get in touch.

How can I influence the choice of meetings?

We are always looking for suggestions for meetings. We try to keep the programme varied throughout the year with a mixture of craft-based activities, talks and active sessions. If you have a great contact who you’d think would be great let us know. We will also welcome any feedback about the programme.

I want to help but I can’t commit to joining the committee?

That’s fine, just let us know what you can do, any help gratefully received!

I’m nervous about coming along on my own, what if I have to sit on my own?

We try to allocate a buddy to all our new members, that way you are not sitting on your own when you first come in. We have lots of members who first joined on their own and are now fully engrossed in the WI (some even on the committee!). If you have any concerns just get in touch or please speak to us, we won’t bite 😉  Here’s what one visitor said after they came along:

“I came as a visitor on Tuesday and had such a great time! Thanks for making me feel so welcome. I had been wanting to come along for ages and pleased I took the plunge!!”

I’m not sure if the WI is for me?

It’s not all jam and Jerusalem but bake offs and eating cakes are still important to us! At our monthly meeting we cover WI business (national and local news) and then engage in a craft, activity or listen to a speaker, we are a friendly bunch of all ages and backgrounds. Read one member’s account of their experience of the WI. You don’t have to commit to membership straightaway so you’ll have chance to give us a go!

I’ve joined but haven’t yet received anything from the national WI yet?

We take payment from you and then the membership gets processed by the NFWI, sometimes there can be a delay and you miss the latest WI Life magazine because it is only published 8 times a year it can feel like a while to get your copy! Just let us know when you come along to the meeting if you continue to have problems.

How can I unsubscribe from your mailing list (monthly update email)?

You can unsubscribe using our mailing list application, MailChimp.