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The WI for Bristol's most interesting and independent high street. Meeting the 3rd Tues monthly.


Gloucester Road WI

We are the Gloucester Road WI, the WI for Bristol's most interesting and independent high street.

19 Jan: Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy for Winter Wellbeing with Anne Polet of AromaWizards

Review Dec: Christmas Quiz

20 Nov: Book folding

Kate from May The Folds Be With You gave us a demo of Book Folding.

Book Folding turns pre-loved books into art by cutting or folding individual pages.

Review Sep: Periods, Pelvic Floor and Peri-menopause

20 Oct: A virtual guided tour to Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California!

Join Erin Gates from California State Parks PORTS for a stroll through Humboldt Redwoods State Park

For October’s meeting, following our very brief AGM where we’ll welcome our new committee, we’re travelling across the globe for a virtual guided tour to Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California!We’ll join Erin Gates from California State Parks PORTS for a stroll through Humboldt Redwoods State Park, home to the largest stand of old growth redwood forest remaining in the world.

These giants, the tallest living things on earth, historically covered much of the Pacific Northwest of the United States, but logging in the early and mid 20th Century cut down 96% of old growth Redwoods, with only 4% remaining today.

We’ll walk virtually among these magnificent trees with Erin as she shares the stories they have to tell – about resilience, adaptations, and the history of their preservation which began with a women’s garden group in the early 20th century.

There will be opportunity for chat and questions after the tour. The walk starts straight after the AGM so be sure to don your virtual walking boots and sun hat and let’s go exploring!

15 Sep: Periods, Pelvic Floor and Peri-menopuase

Let’s talk about women’s health

For September’s meeting, we welcome our popular previous speaker Vicki Hill to talk about periods, pelvic-floor health, and peri-menopause. A chance to hear the truth about women’s health and find out things you thought you knew.

Something that as women we have all had experiences of, or will have, and sometimes suffered in silence with. Vicki aims to inform us on how she uses fitness and nutrition to help at all stages of women’s health, the importance of our pelvic floor and allow us to talk openly about a subject that can still be a bit of a taboo – menopause.

Vicki followed up with some further resources from her talk:
Video on breathing
I have 2 as one explains it more and the other is about pelvic floor connection more – so you can choose which to watch. Both similar and quite short:This is more of an explanation:

This is about connecting it all:

Other links:
Contact Vicki for any further queries via her website:

Review Aug: Live drawing workshop

Review July: Antiques

18 Aug: Live Drawing Workshop

Get your pencils and paper ready

For August’s meeting we welcome the very creative and super sketcher Zoe Murphy aka Margate Girl to run a live drawing workshop with us.

We’ll hear a bit about Zoe and then we’ll start the workshop. You’ll need pens, pencils and some decent paper to work on.

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