showing our arm knitted scarfs.
The results of our arm knitting meeting.

Welcome – if you are reading this and considering whether to dip your toe into the Gloucester Road WI.  Sign-up for Gloucester Road WI Updates

Gloucester Road WI is a diverse group of women with some amazing skills and experience. The ages range from 20+ something, right through most of the decades!

We meet at 8pm on the third Tuesday of every month at St Andrews Bowling Club.

What we get up to

Well, there is more to WI than ‘Jam and Jerusalem’, but of course bake-offs and eating cakes are still very important! At our monthly meetings we cover WI business and then engage in a craft activity or listen to a speaker; these have been very diverse over the few years; from learning about icing cupcakes, arm knitting, Bollywood dancing, engaging very happily in cheese and wine tasting (from local independent shops) and listening to inspiring speakers such as the amazing women adventurers who rowed around the UK and extremely thought-provoking talk on torture…there’ll be something for everyone.

Our full programme for this year

How to become a member

April is the first month of the WI membership year and the fee for the 2023/24 membership year is £46.00. 

All members (new and renewals) will need to fill out a Membership Form 2023 to ensure details are up to date and also complete an Image Consent Form

1. Please fill out a membership form electronically.  Membership Form 2023
2. It’s very important that you include a bank transfer reference in the space provided so we can match your form and payment. (If you don’t do this, you’ll have to go to the back of the queue, sorry!)
3. Transfer your payment to the bank account detailed on the form.
4. Email your form to  and title your email with your surname and bank transfer reference.
5. All current members will be guaranteed renewal membership if we receive your details and payment by 24th March 2023.   After this date, we will include your membership request alongside requests from new members.
6. All new members are welcome to submit an application with payment anytime before (or after) 24th March and will be processed on a first come, first served basis. If, in the unlikely event that we’re unable to offer you membership due to lack of spaces, we’ll be in touch to refund your payment as soon as possible.                                                            

Everyone must complete an Image Consent Form and send it in with your membership form.  We cannot process your membership (new or renewal) without one. 

It’s much easier for us if you follow the process above. If you’re not able to, you may apply in person at the April 2022 meeting but you must bring your completed membership form and payment with you.


 2023 -2024 fees: 

Between 1 Apr – 30 Jun costs £46.00
Between 1 Jul – 30 Sept costs £34.50
Between 1 Oct – 31 Dec costs £23.00
Between 1 Jan – 31 Mar costs £11.50 


Women are welcome to try out our WI attending up to 3 times a year before they are required to join. We ask for a £6.50 donation per meeting.

Find out more about the benefits of being a member

How the membership is used

As a WI we receive a percentage of your 12 month membership, with the remainder going to the wider WI to pay for a variety of services and work nationally. 

The income received directly by our group is used for expenses such as hire of meeting rooms, purchase of materials for meetings, speaker fees and any ad hoc member activities that we feel we can support. 

In addition to the income from membership fees we also aim to fund-raise within the group and this will be used both for additional group income and also for charity donations.