Selling cakes at the Redland Fair.
Selling cakes for the local charity – Jesse May Trust, at the Redland Fair.

As a WI we get involved in the NFWI campaigns, as well as working towards any local issues. We also nominate a local charity each year that we aim to fundraise for throughout the year.

Our Fundraising

We fundraise to help with the running costs of our WI but also for our nominated charity. In the past we have organised events or run projects to raise money for other local charities, most notably our cookbook that we produced in 2013.

National Campaigns

Every year there is a new national annual campaign run by the NFWI. For 2014-15 the campaign was to get members talking about organ donation. Previous campaigns which are still running are: an SOS around honeybees, supporting our high streets, and a call for more midwives. Each year the campaign for the following year is voted on in June at the NFWI Annual Meeting.

The NFWI Annual Meeting (AM) is open to all WI members and tickets are allocated to federations on a pro rata basis according to the number of members in each. Every WI in the UK is represented at the AM by link delegates (WI members who represent four WIs each) and vote on the resolutions according to the votes taken at WI meetings prior to the AM.

Find out more about the national campaigns: