In May we will be trying out some new dance moves at a new venue – St Bonaventure’s Parish Hall.   The venue will give us more space to move around and could become our new home, if it proves popular.   Bring your neon leg-warmers and Fame dance moves for Mum Dance – a low impact, high sweat, dance fitness class set to school disco smash hits from late 70’s to early 90’s, where nobody cares if you go the wrong way! 

Mum Dance was founded by Hebe, right here in Bristol, and now has classes all over the country, as well as being featured on BBC News as the 80s fitness craze that everyone wants to go to.    So here’s your chance to give it a go!  Hebe will be delivering a bespoke class to Gloucester Road WI on Tuesday 16th May upstairs at St Bonaventure’s Parish Hall BS7 8AF.  Wear appropriate fitness attire (70s/80s inspired is encouraged!), bring a waterbottle and towel and some cash for our raffle. If you’re not a member already, it will cost you £6.50 to get in – but that’s cheaper than a normal Mum Dance Class!