Approx 300 g of thawed frozen spinach

White onion

1 tbs spoon butter

250 g grated cheddar cheese

200g cream cheese

150ml soured cream

Approx 150g mozzarella ball

Tin of artichokes



Drain artichokes and chop roughly

Squeeze water from spinach, then chop roughly.  Put to one side with chopped artichokes

Dice onion and gently fry in butter on low-medium heat until tender

Add the cheddar, cream cheese and soured cream to the onions.  Stir on low-medium heat until melted.

Add chopped mozzarella and melt, then add spinach and artichokes.

Add quite a bit of Tabasco – it can take a lot.  Keep adding to taste and season if necessary

Transfer mixture to oven proof dish

Sprinkle more cheddar if you wish – you can never have too much – and top with bread crumbs

Cook in oven – approx. 170 degrees centigrade for 15-20 minutes or until golden and bubbling.

Serve with pitta – get cheesy and enjoy!


Always use frozen spinach.  Fresh just isn’t as good.

You can make the mix in advance and store in an oven proof dish in the fridge until guests arrive.  Then simply pop in the oven.